Friday, 11 December 2015

Food plate (five food gps )

Today I want to share some important dietary habits by  food plate .Food plate contains five groups(grains,high quality protein,vegetable, fruits and low fat dairy products )
    vegetable contains maximum space in a plate and it is a good source of water and antioxidant. Choose as much as colour and,boost variety for eg bell peppers, squash, carrot,beans etc.
fruits are the good source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and sugar. berries(strawberry, blueberry) are good source of antioxidant which prevent from tumor, cancer and bone demineralisation.
Grains are the favourite food group which are present quater of my plate.  Grains we know only wheat, rice . The healthy grains options are : oats , millets,barley . Always introduce high fiber cereals than refined cereals. High quality proteins introduce to make your plate complete like chicken ,Egg ,beans ,nuts etc
Low fat dairy products are fat free milk, curd ,cheese etc. 250Ml of milk and 50gms of cheese are equivalent to 1 meal also .