Saturday, 30 December 2017

Bone health effects body blood pressure n thyroid levels

Bone health depends on the metabolism of vit D in body. Bones are the store house of calcium, magnesium and several minerals. During person's lifetime, the body constantly breaks down old bones(thru the process of resorption) & builds new bone. If person is suffering from blood pressure(high or low), thyroid disorder, extreme gastric trouble, can lead to vit d metabolism disorder. During diet counselling always prefer milk and milk products with vit D3 supplement(only in dinner) can balance blood pressure, thyroid disorders.Many symptoms of these disorders like mood fluctuations, indigestion, water retention and low energy levels can balance with the change of only 10 days diet pattern. In the case of  extreme indigestion first we clear the gut of individual then we balance vit D and calcium level in body.
Dt Rashmi sharma