Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Diabetes- cure and prevention

 Diabetes type 2 is a lifestyle disorder..
☆It can only cure by lifestyle management and healthy diet.
☆Malnutrition- more or less eating habits may lead to diabetes.
☆Anger and Frustration is a symptom due to frequent muscle loss in diabetic person
☆Food plays a major role in daibetic type 2.
☆ Diabetes - 1500kcals/ day is sufficient calorie intake for a person.
☆ Milk n Milk products is necessary in breakfast
☆ fruits once in a day
☆ Avoid juice and dnt make a gap of more than 4hrs in between meals
☆ pulses- Dnt avoid chana, Rajmah , urad. Avoid baghar only.
☆ walk for 30 mins/day
☆ If a person Alcoholic then  restrict intake. Avoid fried munch.
☆Must include carbs( complex ) in dinner.
☆ fennel seeds are good for enzymatic activity. Diabetic person must eat foods healthy for pancreas.