Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fluctuations of blood pressure

We always heard that we must avoid table salt during hypertension but do you know what are the reasons for elevation of blood pressure. Chronic inadequacy of calcium is also the reason of hypertension. Clinical studies shows the ca supplements (median intake) 1g of ca resulted in reduction in systolic bp in some hypertensive we must take care of ca intake as well as vit d amt in our body. Vitamin D and magnesium is necessary for ca absorption.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Nutrients really helps to improve your lifestyle

Folic acid is required for the multiplication and maturation of red cell we all know that this red cell distribute oxygen to our body and helps it to remain active. The folic acid is maximum deficient in children and pregnant women.w folic acid present in both in animal and plant foods.fresh green leafy vegetable ,liver ,pulses are the good source of this vitamin.
Like folic acid vitamin B12 is also involved in the maturation of cells. This vitamin is also required for proper functioning of central nervous system and also required for metabolism of folic acid.
VitaminB12 synthesized by bacteria and is present in only animal foods. Most of the Indians who depends on vegetarian diet deficient from this vitamin.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

DIetary habits

Our Food habits have replenishing or depleting effects on our health. Sometimes we all are some of aware about eating normal diet but foods always interact according to the respond of our body. Foods replenish our body when our absorption and metabolism levels are normal. Depletion occurs  when absorption and metabolism levels disturb. Now a days our lifestyle is the main reason of depleting health and main symptoms are weakening of muscles, increase fat deposition in body, hormonal imbalance etc.