Monday, 20 October 2014

Anti nutritional effects of foods

Last time I have written about food allergies and their symptoms. Now I ll tell you that there is some  anti nutritional factors naturally present in the food like protease inhibitors- soybean ...studies shown that food rich in protease inhibitors may lower the pancreatic cancer. Protease inhibitors are deactivated by heat
The other anti nutritional factor in food is :
Saponins - present inherbs and spices e.g fenugreek, nutmeg, thyme, ginseg etc. Saponins: It can reduce the oxygen carrying capacity. It can break the red blood cells. Its having beneficial effects like it contains some anti - carcinogens and reduce the tumor growth.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

thoughts to live with

food allergies and their risk factors

The risk of developing food allergy depends on heredity, exposure to a food, environmental factors etc. Symptoms of food allergies are :
Gastrointestinal Manifestation
Abdominal pain
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Oral and pharyngreal Pruritis
*Cutaneous Manifestation
*respiratory Manifestation
* controversial or unproven Manifestation
Behavioral disorders
Tension fatigue disorders
Psychiatric disorders
Migrane headache....

Friday, 3 October 2014

healthy heart

We always try to follow many ways to make ourself healthy and most people always excuse of work but for work we must have healthy mind and today I want to share some easy ways that make your heart healthy and happy :
A) start your morning by stretch your body like some light exercise or some movement for 10 mins.
B) meditation is the best exercise..first u should sit on the floor take a deep breathe , close your eyes n feel yourself n try to calm down from all worldly things.
C) Introduce liquids in you diet, but try to avoid can juice or market made juice because they contain sugar syrup.. And you can feel your mouth dry. In liquids thin soups, lemonade, water, organic tea, lemon tea etc.
D) Food you eat from morning to evening  can only organise your energy and nutrient level in always take or prefer food of your lifestyle and never be empty stomach for more than 4 hrs. You must choose proper food at every 4 hrs ( you must take 8 times food in a day) but how much and as much is only depend upon your lifestyle and your body needs.
E) sometimes during meal or after meal we always rush to other work... but most of the people don't know about the way we should consume food because food is the only medium that is responsible for our heart and brain healthy. Always eat. With a calm mind and in a good ambience because it really helps you to remain healthy and we always know: A healthy mind can cures millions of diseases and problems.