Monday, 18 August 2014

BREAKFAST - why, how, what for kids

 When we become successful to fix the timings of meals then we must go for the type of meal.
We all start our day to break our fast i.e breakfast. After rejuvenating process of 10 to 12 hrs  then our body again ready for wear and tear process. Our body depends on three processes like:
BMR basal metabolic rate
TER thermal energy rate
PA  physical activity
Breakfast plays  very important role on physical as well as mental health of a child.
Some steps that help you to choose food for your  loving
* Tricolor veg sandwich with homemade sauce (green/red).
Dnt over fed or forcefully feed your child at the sake of healthy choices.
* Choose substitute in foods and never afraid for supplementation. (pulse /wheat/ milk/ spices n condiments).
* Try add little portions of food that really help you to judge your child's
Research shows that  children who take Breakfast are always physically and psychologically healthy.

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