Monday, 25 June 2018

Anti Anxiety Food solutions

 🌸🌸This week suggesting some Anti Anxiety food pattern
You can and should feel
on top of the world!
No more worry, fear, anxiety & panic attacks, Solutions for social phobia and shyness
End stress and being overwhelmed
Sleep well and improve mood
End sugar/carb cravings
🌸🌸🌸What we eat,
what we don’t eat,
and what time we eat
are so important for ending anxiety!
🌸🌸🌸Other considerations…
Neurotransmitter & hormonal imbalances,
Poor digestion & food intolerances,
Nutritional deficiencies,
Lifestyle changes,
Some important considerations:
🍏Morning empty stomach have fruit detox water with soaked almonds(10)
Milk n Milk products( cow's milk, toned milk)
Fruits- All fruits especially
Cantaloupe(1 slice), banana( 2/ week), Falsa( small katori), jamun(3/week)
❌salt consumption must be less in a day
Use Roasted jeera in meal
Drink atleast 1.5 ltr of detox water in a day
Eat before 1 hr of sleep
Before sleep drink hot milk
Soaked Almonds best on anxiety n sugar cravings

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